Military & Aerospace Electronics 2020 Innovators Awards

VODCAST! Why are high-performance embedded edge computing (HPEEC) products receiving so many accolades? Mercury received six Innovator Awards from Military & Aerospace Electronics, including two for its HPEEC products, EnsembleSeries™ SCM6010 storage drive and SFM6126 high-bandwidth switch. Watch to learn how HPEEC is the future of sustainable on-platform processing and get an up close and personal view of our award-winning products from Mercury’s experts.

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Rugged Processing AI

GPU Processing at the Edge

Uncompromised data center processing capability deployable anywhere Evolving compute-intensive AI, SIGINT, autonomous vehicle, Electronic Warfare (EW), radar and sensor fusion applications require data center-class processing capabilities closer to the source of data origin – at the edge. This has driven the need for HPC to evolve into high performance embedded edge computing (HPEEC). Delivering HPEEC […]

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DDR4 -SWaP for Military Embedded Systems

Don’t believe what they say… Size DOES matter!

Don’t believe what they say…Size DOES Matter! In this case the smaller the better – especially in the constrained spaces of an aircraft cockpit or an unmanned vehicle where every inch is precious real estate needed for additional functionality, including massive amounts of sensor processing. These applications require the latest field-programmable gate array (FPGAs), graphics processing […]

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