Enabling a Trusted Domestic Microelectronics Ecosystem

Mercury Systems is a next-generation defense electronics company making commercial technologies profoundly more accessible to aerospace and defense. Watch the interactive virtual conversation with Mercury’s Dr. William (Bill) Conley and Tom Smelker as they delved into the trends driving the defense industry’s increased focus on the need for trusted microelectronics as part of the virtual 2020 Farnborough International Airshow. This discussion explored how the defense and national industrial bases can collaborate to drive innovation and solve the challenges of integrating advanced commercial technologies onto military platforms.

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Data Security CSfC

Military-Grade SSDs Part 4: How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop: One, Two…

What is the NSA hiding from us???  Hopefully all classified, secret and top secret data! As part of their recent initiative to leverage commercial technologies in a sophisticated layered approach, the NSA is enabling an alternative to traditional Type 1 security solutions for the protection of data up to the Top Secret level. By adopting […]

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