Veterans at Mercury Systems Series

Veterans @MRCY: Lisa Disbrow

Lisa Disbrow, Colonel (retired), served in the US Air Force and US Air Force Reserve as an Operations Intelligence Officer, Operational Planner, and Programmer. Lisa retired from the USAF Reserve with over 23 years of total service. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 1984 and received her commission from the Air Force’s Officer Training School, Lackland AFB, TX in 1985.

Lisa was an Indications & Warning Officer in the global watch center during the Cold War, tracking Soviet force disposition, including bomber and submarine movements. She was competitively selected by the Defense Intelligence Agency for a Master’s Degree and Arabic language training.

During Desert Storm, she produced US Central Command’s Tactical Electronic, Air and Missile Orders of Battle for joint targeting. She then transitioned to the Reserve after Desert Storm, serving as an operational planner in “Checkmate” global planning office, and a programmer developing the USAF’s annual budget request at the Pentagon.

Service Highlights

  • Deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Northern Watch
  • Helped develop initial, all-source intelligence reach-back support for forward forces, Operation Northern Watch
  • National intelligence support during war in Bosnia
  • Graduate of Command & Staff College, National War College, Capstone

Most Interesting Moment

  • Supporting the Joint Force Air Component Commander when Iraq began flying after Desert Storm
  • During the war in Bosnia, providing national intelligence support to locate downed pilot Scott O’Grady

Reflection and Remembrance

“It was an honor to train and deploy in support of our nation’s defense. Working with soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to plan and execute joint missions was a highlight of my career.”

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