McHale POsdcast - Mark Aslett

Podcast: The Defense Industry Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

I was recently invited by John McHale, editorial director of Military Embedded Systems, to join him on his podcast, The McHale Report, and discuss some aspects of the defense industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As John points out, although defense-related businesses are deemed essential and allowed to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, this doesn’t […]

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COVID-19 - a crisis like no other

A Crisis Like No Other

As communications leaders, crisis communication has always been part of our professional responsibilities, but this crisis has posed a variety of distinct challenges that have both reinforced best practices and motivated us to respond differently. Why? This crisis is global. Crises tend to be circumscribed, wreaking havoc on a single industry, a particular sector, or […]

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