The Inside Scoop: Joining Mercury

From the interview process to now working at Mercury, I’ve found that the company holds true to its high ratings on Glassdoor.

I interviewed in person at the San Jose office for my first post-graduation role. There were many aspects I enjoyed about the interview, but the honesty, energy, and thoughtfulness in the questions asked really made the company stand out from others. I could feel the interviewers’ enthusiasm as they spoke about Mercury and their roles, and it became clear to me that they were truly committed.

During my interview, I was asked about the worst and best managers I have encountered at my previous jobs. This question opened up the door to reflect on the different types of management styles that have worked (or not worked) for me in the past. Unique questions similar to this one challenged me to better understand how I work.

At the end of my interview, it was my turn to ask questions. During our discussion, the hiring manager was completely transparent, honest, and professional. I was sold, as I strongly value these traits in a manager.


In my first week, I was pleasantly surprised with a streamlined and organized onboarding process, including a modern approach with online paperwork. My manager, Philip, encouraged me to ask questions and made the effort to check in with me to ensure that I was comfortable. This type of close communication helped accelerate my onboarding process because we were able to address bottlenecks immediately.

I was given a detailed onboarding plan which laid out my objectives for the first four weeks and the “bigger picture” goals for my role. The combination of the close communication and a well-structured plan, created a smooth onboarding process that left no room for ambiguity.

Getting up to Speed

One key aspect of the onboarding process I really appreciated was how well Philip and his team simplified both technical and defense industry concepts, which can be overwhelming for a first-timer. They explained these concepts by first addressing the “why” and provided plenty of relatable examples to supplement my understanding. As someone without an engineering or defense background, I was able to comfortably grasp the concepts at a high level without getting lost in the smaller details. With tools like the innovation centers and collateral, there was a concerted effort to bridge the gap between technical and nontechnical employees.

Following the Leaders

During my onboarding process, our CEO, Mark Aslett, held a video call with all new hires to introduce the company and discuss our culture and core values. Listening to Mr. Aslett speak about the company made the culture and value posters hung in our office more meaningful as he highlighted the importance of each core value. As a new employee, that video call provided a mix of inspiration to work hard, clarity on employee expectations, and sense of direction on how our leaders will pave the way.

Lookin good Charlie!


Today, I could not be happier to be a part of this family; a company that strongly invests in its people. ”We are lifelong learners” are not just words in our culture statement – lifelong learning is truly encouraged, providing employees opportunities to seek new challenges, skills, and knowledge. The leadership team will also make book recommendations from time to time for a good read!

At Mercury, we foster a two-way dialog at all levels. From weekly 1:1’s to impromptu meetings, we have a highly collaborative environment that enables us to comfortably give and receive feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves professionally and personally with this feedback. Thinking ahead, I look forward to growing and taking on tough challenges with the hard working people in this company. Thanks to everyone in the San Jose office and marketing department for making my time here so far an enjoyable experience.

If you’re interested in Mercury Systems, take a look at our Careers page. We’re hiring!

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