The Inside Scoop: Joining Mercury

From the interview process to now working at Mercury, I’ve found that the company holds true to its high ratings on Glassdoor.

I interviewed in person at the San Jose office for my first post-graduation role. There were many aspects I enjoyed about the interview, but the honesty, energy, and thoughtfulness in the questions asked really made the company stand out from others. I could feel the interviewers’ enthusiasm as they spoke about Mercury and their roles, and it became clear to me that they were truly committed.

During my interview, I was asked about the worst and best managers I have encountered at my previous jobs. This question opened up the door to reflect on the different types of management styles that have worked (or not worked) for me in the past. Unique questions similar to this one challenged me to better understand how I work.

At the end of my interview, it was my turn to ask questions. During our discussion, the hiring manager was completely transparent, honest, and professional. I was sold, as I strongly value these traits in a manager. Read More

Veterans @MRCY: Mike Schneider

Mike Schneider, Colonel (retired), was a soldier for over 30 years and held a variety of US Army and Joint Command and Staff positions at all echelons of the Department of Defense. He served in operational assignments in Europe, the Pacific, the Middle East, and throughout the United States, commanding multiple units at the company level, an air assault battalion, and an airborne brigade. Mike served in a variety of strategic and operational planner positions at US Army Pacific, Multi-National Force Iraq, and both the Joint Staff and Army Staff in the Pentagon.

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